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Aleko sauna is a new addition to the outdoors industry. We are excited to offer our sauna, bitumen roof, and etl heater to the market. This sauna offers a stylish and functional approach tonatural pine steam bath. With its bitumen roof and etl heater, this sauna is perfect for any skin type.

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Aleko is a world-renowned spa and outdoor sauna company. Their pine wood steam sauna with bitumen roof and etl heater provide invigorating air and floor feel with its high-quality features.
this is a 4 person sauna that is made of cedar barrel. It is a high quality sauna that is made to provide you with the perfect climate change. This sauna also features a high quality water heater to keep you warm and cozy.
this sauna is of high quality and is made to order in the united states. It features arocky design with a few stones for insulation. The sauna is also made to be easy to use with great features such as the steam box that helps to produce steam to help with relief.